Put image/video on a region as widget through xibo api 1.8

Hi guys, I want to know how to do this…add a new image to the playlist of a certain region. in the api says that i need to refer to POST /library doc , but from there ? how do assign that image to that region in a playlist?

Have a look here 1.8 API Introduction

In case of files that are uploaded to the CMS, you will want to upload the file (POST /library) and then use POST playlistLibraryAssign call to assign it to a region/playlist.

Regarding Widget API calls, so all widgets are edited by PUT /playlist/widget/{widgetId}
Parameters that you can use to edit existing video are here http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/api/#!/widget/WidgetVideoEdit

I know it might be confusing because it’s POST call in the documentation, while all the parameters are for the edit call really, as you don’t use that call to upload&assign new video to layout, but that’s something we had to do to make the documentation clearer - mostly because the edit (PUT) widget call does not have widget type in the call.

Hi Peter, after the file upload, after a check within the admin, I assign the media to the playlist/region, it returns a 200 success but in the admin panel at the cms inside the design part of the region, the media is missing…
$playlistId = ‘271’;
$array = $uploaded[‘files’][0][‘mediaId’];
$data = $this->xibo->post(‘/playlist/library/assign/’.$playlistId,$array);

Any idea of what I’m doing wrong?

For an example in code perhaps have a look here, in postman it’s like this:

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