Pulling data from MS ACCESS database and displaying on screens

I routinely export .pdf files from MS Access onto my computer desktop, and then I upload the files into Xibo to display on the screens/monitors throughout my company. These files are updated/changed daily. Is there any way to automatically pull (or push) a .pdf file from my computer into Xibo and have Xibo display the new/updated .pdf file rather than an old .pdf file? Thanks Rob

I created a macro in MS ACCESS to export files to my desktop. Now, I just need a way for Xibo to pull these files and overwrite the existing files so they can be automatically projected onto the display screens/monitors.

We could help you set this up as a paid development project. If you want to do so please contact us at sales@xibosignage.com

There’s no way to give Xibo CMS direct access to your desktop. You need another application for sending the file.

If you know some coding, you can replace media files through the API and set updateInLayouts to 1, in the API request. I’ve had success with this approach. You’ll have to keep track of the mediaIds so that you’ll always replace the correct file. Succesful replace will return the mediaId and you’ll have to store it for later use every time you replace a media file.

API reference: https://xibo.org.uk/manual/api/