Proof of play- xibo player 1.8 R4

good morning.
I recently installed Linux Player - 1.8 R4, waiting for this setup to report me proof of play but it doesn’t bring me any results.
It doesn’t report anything.
Nor does it give an error where I can fix why.
Someone can help me or someone happened the same way.
the players are centos 7 and the server version is 2.0.3 (installed in centos 7).
thank you very much.

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Thank you for your message 43448499. Below is a step by step on how I set up Proof of Play on my own R4 Player, running on Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3. Please note that I am using CMS 2.1.2 for the below steps.

The first step for me was to make sure I have enabled Stats Reporting in the Profile I am using with my Linux Player. Go to the Display Settings option, Edit your Linux profile and make sure you have ticked the stats reporting option as shown in my screenshot below:

The next step is to create my Layout and make sure it also is configured to return stats. When I first create my Layout, I make sure stats reporting is enabled, also shown in my screenshot below:

Now I will add my test images to the Layout, once again I need to be sure that the Widgets are configured to return stats, as shown in my next screenshot. I set mine to inherit so it matches the setting for the Layout itself but you can choose how you wish to configure this:

Now I make sure to Publish my Layout and we should be ready to proceed to scheduling!

I made sure to use images for this test that I’ve never used before to ensure the test is fair. After waiting for the layout to run a few times and return the stats, I now check the Proof of Play Report option to see what has been recorded:

I can now see the Proof of Play statistics for that particular Layout and the images I added to it. I would recommend checking that all of the above steps have been followed, if you still encounter an issue I would recommend upgrading your CMS as I can confirm it is working on 2.1.2.

Many Thanks.

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hi DanWB
Just after completing the installation, after some tests with errors and successes, I managed to run cms 2.1.2, enable the players again with 1.8 R4, followed your steps and effectively obtained the statistics.

Thank you very much for the help.
Greetings Willians

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That’s great, I appreciate you letting me know that it is also working for you on your upgraded 2.1.2 CMS. If you encounter any issues with Proof of Play now you are set up, please let me know, otherwise all the best with your stats collecting!

Many Thanks.

Is Proof of Play supported with CMS 1.8.12? Many thanks…!

Proof of Play should be supported with the 1.8.12 CMS although I would recommend upgrading your CMS to 1.8.13, as this is the latest version of 1.8 CMS and also includes a fix for Proof of Play. Just in case, here are the links for the CMS upgrade files and guides you will need:

Many Thanks.

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