Proof of Play export has no data in 1.8.0

The Statistics page shows the Proof of Play data without a problem, but when exporting, it does not return any data.

This is all I get: Type,FromDT,ToDT,Layout,Display,Media,Tag

I really need to pull some data. Would you be able to provide a SQL script that gives me the same output as shown in the Proof of Play section on the Statistics page?

It seems to work correctly on 1.8.1, could you please try to upgrade your CMS and then try to export stats again?

I´m using the socker 1.8.5 and the same issue is happening to me.
Is there any solution so far for this issue?
Best regards.

Actually yes there is, we were able to understand the issue better lately, as such we were able to fix it -

As per the GitHub issue, it should be fixed in 1.8.9 CMS version.