Product Display from CMS

I am loving Xibo a lot, it is a awesome cms. I would like to ask if i have a website e.g Magento and i would like to integrate the feature of displaying new products added in Magento through Xibo. Has anyone achieve such a solution or can possibly assist me with this?

I have no experience with Magento, but my first thought is that you could try to achieve this with a RSS feed on your site containing the new products and a Ticker in Xibo.

Ok but i wonder if im able to pull the product images also? This will depend on my coding i use?

Ok Awesome, i got it working but i just need to know about the Xibo RSS customization, does the image size show based on what the image size is for the product?

RSS customization is something I’m also curious about, so if someone could post an example… :+1:

Hey Roel, i got mines to work but now im just working on the customization part of it. To display multiple products using RSS Feeds for each region. Let me know how i can help you. I’m using Magento to display all New Products… :grin: so awesome!

I am designing between photoshop and the Xibo system. How ever you want your layout just design one and use that.

Hi Shawn,
Nice it works!
Do you also use the ‘optional style sheet’ field in the Ticker? It would like to know what can be done with that… For example, could it be possible to use that to reformat RSS output to a table?

You may also have to tweak the RSS Output if your CMS, e.g i had to tweak my RSS Output in Magento so the images of the products can be larger. Which CMS are you using?

Well, I don’t own the RSS feed; it is a feed with match statistics (volleybal competition). And when I use the ranking (also delivered as RSS), the teams, played matches and points are seperated with , and I would like to reformat that into a table…

I’am also looking for a solution for reformatting a volleybal rss feed into table. (dutch competition)

If anyone has an idea that would be great.

rss feed:


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I don’t know why this auto-closed, please keep the great discussion going :smiley:

Unfortunately, no-one has had an idea about reformatting the RSS feed so far…

Another question about RSS feeds.
This feed
has data repeatedly packed in < stand:ranking> followed by a couple < stand:nummer>, < stand:team>, etc. < /stand:ranking>

Can anyone tell me how to get the < stand:nummer>, < stand:team>, etc. items out of the feed? I guess I have to use [TAG|NAMESPACE] to achieve it, but I can’t get any data out… So I guess I’m doing something wrong, but I have no clue what… :worried:
By the way: inside the application (appearance-tab) Xibo says [TAG|NAMESPACE], in the community (How to extract extra data fields from RSS?) it says [namespace|tagname].
Any help would be greatly appreciated! :relaxed:

I’ve corrected that topic, its [tag|namespace|attribute], with the |namespace and |attribute being optional. With those omitted it will use the global namespace.

The feed you’ve got has referenced a namespace xmlns:stand="", but the elements are outside the rss items, which I don’t believe is supported by the current 1.7 parser, or the new one in 1.8.

In short, you’d need to write a xibo module to parse this XML and present it - you could override the “Ticker” module and just implement “GetRssItems()” although annoyingly you would also need to make that protected in the Ticker class, rather than private.

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. Too bad I can’t get it working with the “standard” ticker, but the alternative - to write my own ticker module - sounds a little too techy for me… For example: what do you mean with the last sentence (… make that protected … , rather than private).

It is certainly a technical solution to the problem and you would need to be familiar with PHP to consider doing it. Unfortunately we don’t have time to go through how it would be done - you many want to look in the Xibo directory for a company that can do that for you commercially.

@Peter - when you get a moment can you see if this feed works in 1.8? I don’t think it will but it would be worth a try all the same.