Problems with win player


i deinstalled the player of one of my laptops…then i maked a restart and then i installed the player fp+or win 1.7.5 again…i put the code core´rectly and then i go to save…then this message come:

Fehler bei der Anforderung mit folgender Fehlermeldung:

302 Found


The document has moved here.

Apache Server at Port 80


what musst i doß

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Have you made any changes to your CMS recently? as per your other topic you were thinking about upgrading it etc or is the php version still 7?

302 would mean that perhaps something isn’t quite right with url redirection on your server, it is then redirected to what appears to be correct CMS address there.

Presumably that’s not the only player with such issue? as it seems like some configuration mismatch on the server side.

In your other topic Alex mentioned some, perhaps more suitable ways of Xibo installation, perhaps you could try to explore that? MySQL support must be enabled in PHP with xibo 1.7.5
Docker on VPS should be much more straightforward for you to manage.

Alternatively you could also consider using our Cloud Hosting.

Hi peter, no i haven’t change anythin at server!!

Two players are incorrect , i have delete they…and one placer is ok

Now i will install the bad player again…and thismrsdage cone when i will klick on save

You need to enter the URL in the player with https:// at the beginning not http://

Hi alex…you are right…the agebtur has changed to ssl also https…
Thanks very much

Thank you…now it’s all right…SSL was the key with https
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