Problems with Maximized xibo clients

Good morning

We have a problem with running several xibo client on the same pc.

These clients start up in a minimized way, instead of maximized. If we restart the clients if they start maximized, but at the start of windows, they start minimized.

How can we solve it, or make it start maximized.

Thank you very much for the help

What CMS and players versions are you using?

What Windows version are you using, are there any other applications that start with Windows?

Do you have players size and offset defined in the display profiles assigned to them?

Good afternoon

CMS version 1.8.2
Version xibo player 1.8.2
Windows 10 OS version

There is no other application to boot at startup.

Each pc, has its profile configuration. 1280x1024

Thank you very much for your help.