Problems with Internationalizing

Hi, im a new User from Xibo an i have a question about Language-Settings in German.

Server Summery: XAMP with Apache, PHP 5.6.28, Xibo 1.7.9

extension=php_intl.dll is enable

Reginal Settings: Language: de-DE
Timezone: Berlin
Dateformat: d.m.Y H:i
Detect Language: Hook on
Calender: Gregorian
Show international dates? Hook on

Now the Problems:

If i hook on “Show international dates” i have issues in the Scheduler.

The dates shows not the current Date and in the background the name of the days are in english.

In this settings my forecast-Modul work great.

If i hook off “Show international dates” in the reginal Settings, my dates in the Scheduler are allright.

The daynames on the Scheduler in the background are wrong too.

In this settings my Forecast shows not the current german Daynames, it shows the Timezone unter the Weathericons.

I have change the Settings in the Forecastmodul from:

, but nothing solves the Problem.

When i use [time|D] i have englisch Daynames, and wenn i use [time|eee] i have the Timezone displayed.

Im so sorry for my bad english, put i hope somebody understand what i mean and can help me.

I want to thank you so much for that great Software, im trying since 2 days and it is so great an i have a lot of fun to develop!!!

Greetings from Germany


The internationalised date formats don’t work well in 1.7 series.

This has already been addressed for 1.8 series.

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It should be just de

That will help with English names you see here and there.

Now, you hit a 1.7 series issue with date format and show international dates as Alex has mentioned.

Basically, in most cases we’d recommend to not use show international dates, but if you do want to use forecast with 5 days template with German language, then you do need to check it and change the template as you did.

You can try it with date format like (in CMS settings → regional)
YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss

I think it will be mostly fine, only statistics page will not look great.

As Alex also mentioned, in 1.8 series there will be no issues like that anymore.

Ah ok. Thank your for your Answers.

It is the best way to try the 1.8 Alpha version ?

I test xibo for my Company and its not a Problem to use the 1.8 Alpha for me.

Later, when the stable Version ist relesead i can update.

Greetings Torsten

Edit: I try YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss in the regional settings, put it looks so terrible that i go back to d.m.Y H:m

i think the change from “de-DE” to “de” dont’ solved the Problem.

You can try 1.8.0-rc2 we’d recommend docker installation for it.

as for 1.7
language de is correct
that date format it needs to be used with show international dates, otherwise it will look bad.

ok, i set up an new installation with 1.8.0-rc2.

It is a little bit funny: in the 1.7.9 installation, i change from 5 day forecast to current day an it works fine.

I think the Problem is happend only in the 5 Day forecast…

Yes, other templates will work fine in your language.

Unfortunately 5 days template needs changes in the template as well as international dates to work - only in 1.7 series.

OK, can you tell me what changes i must do?

I have a workaround for me: i display the current Date instead of the Daynames.

I changed >div class=“weekday”>[time|d.m.Y]</div<


div class=“weekday-short”>[time|d]</div< or >div class=“weekday-short”>[time|eee]</div< to >div class=“weekday-short”>[time|d.m]</div<

At this way it works fine for me.

Have a look here Forecast Italian Language
Date will be fine too, but in most cases, you will probably want names though.

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Year i read that post yesterday.

So for me it works with the Date in format: (Day. Month /29.12).

I look forward in Version 1.8.0 when all the Errors are fixed :wink:

Thank you so much for your Support und your Software !!!