Problems with CMS user interface

Hi Guys!
do we have issues with CMS user interface section scheduling?

  • Select a display
  • Set start and end time
  • Click layout/campaign or try to search layout from the dropdown box, it jumps up and behaves very strange. Anyone else have the same problem?

Which CMS version are you using please?
Also what web browser?

It could be good if you could show us the behaviour too.

Hi Peter,
thanks for response, this is indeed very serious issue which is visible in both Chrome and also the Firefox.
I am using the latest versions of these browsers. CMS version is 1.8.11

It is very simple and easy to duplicate this by,

  • Click “Schedule”
  • Select a display of your choice from the display list
  • Click “Add event”
  • Define start and end date
  • Click to select from “Layout/Campaign”, you will than see the problem.

Please also see the attached image,

One of my colleague says it is caused by “SELECT12” Component used in CMS

Those are Select2 dropdowns indeed, could you please confirm for me the browser resolution you’re using?

Hi Peter,
browser resolution is not always the same depending on where it is used.
I suppose the page should work according to the resolution given by the device where CMS is used without setting any conditions such as the resolution must be full hd or hd ready or anything else.
What i am chasing of,
isn’t page suppose to be responsive?
IMO, it doesn’t seem to be responsive, if i increase and decrease the size of my browser window, the page is not behaving accordingly, so it is not responsive.

I am very surprised if nobody has noticed this issue.