Problems with ajax

Ever since I’ve moved to the 1.8.1 player from 1.7.8 I’ve had some problems with pages that use jQuery/AJAX to pull data in the background. They work fine for a few hours and then eventually stop loading data. I have no idea why this is happening.

I have two questions -

  1. What changes have been made that could affect this? The pages themselves haven’t changed.
  2. How can I debug this? Normally I’d use the console in IE. Is there a way to capture that in Xibo?



  1. I’m not sure if there were any significant changes, perhaps @dan can say more about it

  2. You could try to open the page in question in normal IE11
    alternatively try to load correct .htm file from player library in the local webserver (in IE)

I believe it should be http://localhost:{PORTNUMBER}/{FILENAME}.htm

port number in this case by default is 9696
You can double check that in Display settings page -> Edit display profile assigned to this display -> Advanced tab -> Embedded Web Server Port

file name - is the .htm file name that corresponds with your page in the player library it will be for example something like 854.htm
so then you’d navigate to localhost:9696/896.htm

Xibo client must be running for the local webserver to work and obviously you’d need to check it on the PC that runs the client.

Perhaps also double check the registry entries for browser emulation and you could take a look at the CPU/Memory usage in Windows task manager after player runs for awhile.

If there are any errors on player status screen when the issue occurs, that could be helpful as well.

Hi Peter,

Are pages always pulled from the local webserver? If so is there a way to prevent that? How do you get around CORS issues with AJAX? I’m wondering if that could be causing a problem.

I’m also looking into the time out settings in IE -



Just noticed that every time it stops updating I seem to get one of these…

I have emulation set to IE11 and each page loads fine in IE11.

Nevermind… it’s not Xibo. If I leave the pages running long enough in IE11 it’ll freeze up and start throwing errors (even though I don’t get any error messages in the console). Seems to be an IE bug. Not sure if a bad update was pushed recently but it’s killing everything. No issues like this in Chrome or Firefox.

It’s plausible that it could be IE issue then, although there should be something in the console/network regarding those errors, what kind of errors does it throw? Same as the one on your screenshot or is something else?

There are all kinds of things going on across multiple webpages. I have a fairly simple page with a setTimeout timer that fires every second or so in order to facilitate a countdown clock. It runs fine for the first few minutes then oddly it starts to slow down without throwing any errors. Eventually it slows down to a crawl and IE locks up. Then a few minutes later it throws some JavaScript errors in an alert box (sometimes it just locks up without an error though). One error would be “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘indexOf’” which is from jquery and shouldn’t be happening in IE11 (also note that I verified the pages are not being run in compatibility mode).

Then I’m running Grafana on Xibo also. This was one that I could reproduce in IE by waiting long enough as well. The Grafana plot updates fine for the first hour or so, then the same javascript that was running fine before will start throwing errors. Completely unrelated page or issue, the only common thing is that it’s AJAX on IE11. Everything seemed like it was working fine a couple of weeks ago (before I moved to the new version of Xibo) but now I’m leaning towards this being a bad IE update or something. I disabled all addons too.

Really hoping you guys figure out a way to get away from IE11 at some point.