Problems updating/Copying a layout


I’m on CMS 2.1.2 - as part of another issue here

I was asked to generate a new layout with a region pointing to an rtsp stream on the web.
After finally getting this working using the edge version of Linux Xibo Client, I’ve attempted to alter this to instead point to the rtsp stream of a local cctv camera.

If I schedule this altered layout the client shows the original web rtsp stream not the local camera. If i copy this layout the copy is showing me the command for an rtsp stream on the web i.e. the original contents of that layout not my alteration.

I’ve now tried this several times, with similar results.

Is there any integrity check I can do on the database?

Any other suggestions?

I did upgrade from 1.8.12 about 2 weeks ago, which i could revert to , but that would mean also adding back any changes to layouts for other screens that have been updated in the last 2 weeks.




Issue Resolved - it seems I’ve yet to learn the difference in Published, Checkout, Draft, ViewOnly. My layout was still in checkout mode so when I was copying it , it was copying the previous published version. I couldn’t see any indication anywhere, but presumably there is that this layout was still in checkout mode.