Problem with web page

Hi !
myself akash my english is not so good so please co-operate
i add a layout ,in that layout i want to show instagram web page or any other web page but but
on client side its showing only black screen… :frowning: what to do please help

What CMS version are you using?

If you add a webpage that can be opened in the browser to the webpage module in Xibo, by default it’s in ‘Open natively’ mode, which means it will not be visible in the layout designer, but should work in preview and on a player.

Are you using Windows client? (what version?)
If so please also make sure you have IE11 installed and correct registry entries for browser emulation - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

sir cms i am using is 1.7.9,
and window client version is 1.7.4
and using IE11

Would be good to install 1.7.9 Windows client and check those registry entries for browser emulation.

Then if your webpage can be opened in IE11 then it should also open just fine in the Xibo Windows player.

ohk sir thanks for your help :slight_smile: thank you very much