Problem with Ticker Module

I have created a layout that utilizes the Ticker module however, the ticker is not rotating through the items in the RSS file. Rather the ticker displays the number of items per page set in the format and does not transition to the next page or pages. Since this problem started on a test server I was developing a custom reader module on (running 1.8.2) I went ahead and set up a test environment running 1.8.3 on Ubuntu LTS and am using a clean Windows VM for displaying the layout. Unfortunately, the problem continues in the test environment.

For testing, I am using for the RSS feed and I am running on 1.8.3. I have also tried as an alternative RSS feed with the same results. For settings, I have the duration set to 5 seconds per item, number of items set to 100, items per page to 5 and items taken from the start of the page.


Have you set any effect? From the looks of it that’s what you’re missing.

I had it set to the fade effect. I went ahead and tried all of the others, but only marquee changed the appearance.

So I believe I found the problem… After staring at the screen for a while, I noticed it indeed had finally rotated to the next page. So I started the player over and timed the changes between pages. The time difference was about 100 seconds which was the same value as my setting for number of items. So to see if there was a correlation between a change in Number of Items and the duration, I changed the value to 20 seconds. Sure enough, the interval between page changes also changed to about 20 seconds. Finally, I checked the cached HTML file on the player and searched for 20 and found the following in the code:

var options = {"type":"ticker","fx":"fade","duration":"20","durationIsPerItem":true,"numItems":20,"takeItemsFrom":"start","itemsPerPage":5,"randomiseItems":0,"speed":"2","originalWidth":"960.0000","originalHeight":"489.0000","previewWidth":0,"previewHeight":0,"scaleOverride":0};

Just to verify, I changed the value to 15 and found the following in the html:
var options = "type":"ticker","fx":"fade","duration":"15","durationIsPerItem":true,"numItems":15,"takeItemsFrom":"start","itemsPerPage":5,"randomiseItems":0,"speed":"2","originalWidth":"960.0000","originalHeight":"489.0000","previewWidth":0,"previewHeight":0,"scaleOverride":0};

With that in mind, my guess is that there is a bug in 1.8.3 and instead of setting the duration from the value in the General tab, it instead is writing the value of Number of Items to Duration.

there does seem to be a problem when the number of items is set, I’ll investigate that tomorrow and get back to you.

Any luck in your research?

I admit I forgot about it due to other things (Sorry!)

I did test it last week, but I didn’t create the issue about it, I’ve confirmed the issue now as well and this time I remembered to create an issue on GitHub about it.

We will look into it and hopefully fix it in the next release, for now I’d suggest not setting the number of items or adjusting the duration to compensate.

For the moment I have overridden the code in the Ticker.php file to manually set the fields correctly. Thanks for looking into the issue!

If you have the CMS source code, then I’d suggest applying the patch Dan mentioned in that github report - unless that’s what you meant by your last comment.

Thanks! I actually switched out my code and replaced it with Dan’s corrections yesterday. It appears to be working properly now. Much thanks for your’s and Dan’s assistance.