Problem with the Counter and the Flip-Clock

Hi there

maybe im a littel bit stupid… i can not bring the flipclock as a counter to work.

All settings im set to shows only the Durationtime and count it down.

I try some diffrend settings, but nothing work…

I want to setup a counter, how long is the time to the Date i set up…

in my settings it would be 28 minutes to count it down.

Edit: ok i saw thats on the Date, the month are 8, and not 08. I correct it and it work’s also not.

Thats what the counter shows: 10 seconds (this is the duration time) and counting down

Thanks for your help and that great Software!


Ps. Its on 1.8.11, but don’t work on 1.8.10 also…

Indeed, that does not seem to work correctly.

I’ve created an issue for it and we will fix it in 1.8.12 -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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Hi Peter,

nice to hear that the issue would be fixed in the next relaese.

Thanks for your work and all the best.

Greetings from Germany


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