Problem with the client

I can’t send on the client when i scheduele a picture for example. When i see the status in “Displays” for the client the status is “unknow display status”.


I assume we are talking about Windows player here?
Could you please tell us what version of CMS and Windows client are you using?
Is your player shown as logged in? (check mark in logged in column)

The ‘unknown display status’ means that 1 I don’t think you have 1.7.4 CMS version and 2 that the player is not up to date with schedule/content from CMS (it should be trying to download it).

Few things can cause this, please answer my questions then we will try to solve this issue.

Hi Peter,

Yes i talk about a windows player and the server is a unbuntu server. Both are the version 1.7.1. The player is logged in.

shall i update the both version to the version 1.7.4 ?


If it is logged in, then it should be able to download content/schedule from CMS.

Could you tell me two things, one your download window start/end time in display profile settings?
Second, could you make sure that the layout is valid? (check mark in status column in layouts page)

Bonus question, could you perhaps show us the status window on the player? (press “i” while Xibo player is running)

Other than that, yes I would recommend upgrade to 1.7.4 both CMS and Windows client.

Now i have upgraded the CMS to the 1.7.4 version but i have still the problem i can not send something the message now of the status of the client is “Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”. Same problem when i want to test for requesting a screenshot nothing is coming on the client …

It might be caused by a few things, my questions still stands - download window times / valid layout and screenshot of your device’s status window.
It might be some of the above or connection problem, after we see status window it should be easier to say what exactly could be wrong.

layout status:

what is strange is that is working with an another client.

I precise that i have a black screen in this client where is the status .“Display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”.

Which tells us that layout is valid, although it contains some webpage/embedded content, but still it’s valid. It also tells us that the problem is specific to your other device - the one that isn’t working.

Could you please answer my question regarding download windows start/end time?
It can be found in the display settings → display profile that you use for your device.

Also what’s even more important, could you open xibo client on your device and press ‘i’ then take a screenshot? The ‘i’ key will open status window. I suspect that this specific display has problems with downloading media/or this specific layout - you could also try to schedule some other less complicated layout - perhaps with image or text.

you mean this in attachment ?


Ok, so collection interval is set to 15min - which means every 15min your device will connect to the CMS and download new/updated content/schedule if necessary.
Download window is open all the time, which is fine.

You may want to decrease collection interval a bit for testing purposes, but since it’s working on other device, then I’ve to assume the problem is specific to your not working device.

Are you absolutely sure that this device has reliable internet connection and that it’s able to reach the CMS?

As for the status window screenshot that I asked you, you will need to open the XiboClient press ‘i’ to show status window and send us a screenshot - ideally while your device is trying to connect to the CMS to download this layout.

I have the problem not only with one device but with all devices… i can ping from the CMS all the client so it means that it’s correctly reachable, i have changed the collection interval to 200 seconds … Nothing is displayed to these clients when i scheduele a new events… I am completlly lost with this tools …

i have pressed i on one client

Ok, so before you were talking about layout id 13 which seems to be fine I guess. Here you have layout id 16 which I can’t say if it’s valid or not and we can be sure that your layout id4 is invalid and that’s why client can’t display it.

I think it could be a nice idea to export your layout id4 and see what’s wrong with it. You export it from the layouts page in CMS, then upload it somewhere (dropbox/onedrive/googledrive or similar) and give us a link to download it.

You can leave the download link here or send it to me via pm.

I cannot download the layout because the file is 0 bytes you can see on the screenshot…

But what is strange is when i start a preview it works i can see the picture

Ok, but that’s layout id 16, which might be totally valid.
I was asking about layout id4, because according to logs from your player that’s the layout it’s trying to display but can’t -because it’s invalid.

Layout with id 4, is probably your default layout, could you please check what could be wrong with it? Also export it if possible.

Ok now it works thanks!
But unfortunately i have an another problem: on the layout it’s a webpage but xibo doesn’t refresh the page it’s always the same page …

Cool, regarding your new problem,
Could you give me a link to your web page?
Is your Windows player also 1.7.4 now?

Links that may help you before you answer my questions:
Web page manual page
regarding layout reload - understanding media duration and how it affects the playback of a layout
you might want to do that too and see if it will change anything - enabling HTML5 in the Windows player