Problem to set up a web page on a new layout

Hello all,

I have a problem to set up an web page inside a layout. The problem is when I am trying to show the preview, it is displaying that the website refused the conenction.
I have set up the webpage to be with the option “best fit” and also tried to reach the address via my web browser, successfuly… (I want to precise that https and http are enabled )

It is working with some other webpage but for example doesn’t work.

Could you maybe assist me ?

Thanks in advance for your time and I wish you a great day !

It’s normal it doesn’t work in the player as it’s related to the webisite that intersests you X-frame options, if it’s set to SAMEORIGIN then it means this website doesn’t allow being embedded in another webpage, (preview being considered as a web page).

You can counteract this by going in the webpage widget>configuration>open natively

I thank you, it worked great.

Have a good day