Problem to display a presentation on xibo player linux

I test the xibo player (1.8R5) on ubuntu 18.04 and the configuration is OK.

The screen is activate in xibo console but on the screen on the linux player, i see the xibo default screen without any presentation, but i have planned a presentation on it

Does anyone have a solution ?

For information i have 0.7 for XMR and 1.8.13 for CMS

Please can you try the release candidate and let us know if that fixes the problem for you? You can get it here: Xibo for Linux v1.8 R6 release candidate

i tried the 1.8r6 version but it doesn’t work,I have picture1 displayed but nothing else. (see picture 2)

I saw that some files are causing problems but on a pc with a Windows version the player works fine with the same server (see picture 3).

do you have an idea ?

OK so I think I would try clearing the file cache in the CMS - simply go to the Display page, edit your display and press save.

Allow the player time to reconnect and attempt to download those files again.

I try it but i have the same problem.

i uninstalled xibo and reinstalled xibo and now i only have one invalid file xibo-metro-render.js but i don’t know why (same version as previous)

what is the test to say that a file is invalid ?

I found the solution the .js file was corrupted. I recovered the file from a backup and now the player is working.
I still continue to do tests to check that everything is working correctly thank you for your help

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