Problem showing content webpage


I’m having a problem that after half an hour, the Xibo Player stopts loading the content of a webpage.

I have created an campaign that exists out of 4 layouts. Each layout exits out of one webpage that shows for 60 sec. The webpages that I want to show are all dashboards that we have created in our ticket system.

For a while, everything is displaying as it should but after half an hour, the content in the dashboard is showing a white page:


As you can see, the webpage is showing but the content is not.

I have installed the Xibo Player (version 1.8.3) on a Windows 10 client. In Internet Explorer 11, I turned off the caching:

Turn off caching

And in the registry I changed the following:



Also, I’m getting the following alert after loading each layout:

Error - System.Exception: Unable to find status file in at

Can somebody help me with this problem?

Thanks in advance.

I wonder if that’s websocket issue in IE might be worth to investigate that, you may also want to open windows task manager and look at the memory usage while Xibo player s trying to show your web page.

Regarding that watchdog error, Player creates a status file it its local library which contains various information relating to the Players internal state.

The watchdog uses this to work out if the Player is running well or not.

It would be good to a) check player local library for the status.json file and b) check watchdog configuration and make sure it looks for that file in the correct path - if it was started by the player then I’d expect it to have correct path.

Hi Peter,

I found out that one layout was the problem. So now everything is working perfectly.
Only, I’m still getting the error notifications from the watchdog client:

Error - System.Exception: Unable to find status file in at

The status.json file is working but I don’t know how to add the correct path in the configuration. I’m still using the default configuration:

Can you tell me how to add the path in the configuration file?

Thanks in advance.

And I also found the solution for my last problem. I created a startup script for the Xibo Watchdog with the parameter “-l (path to Xibo Library)”. Now I don’t get the error alerts anymore.

Thank you all for this great product!

I’m glad to hear that, although you don’t need to start watchdog manually (or via script) it will start automatically with the player and should not show such errors, in any case I’m glad that’s working for you.

I’m having the same issue. I have a 5 region layout and 3 of the regions are webpages. Everything works great for 10-30 minutes then the web pages start displaying empty white space and will eventually completely hang or the player will crash. What problem did you discover with your layout to resolve this?