Problem: server CPU 99%

Dear Support,

I’ve Xibo CMS installed on a powerful Linux server with 4 CPUs and 16 GB of RAM.

I installed 30 monitors with some videos rather heavy but I changed refresh rate of client to 3 hours and disable logfile.

However I always CPU of all the processors up to 99% for Apache process! How can I improve performance?

Thank you in advance!

30 monitors collecting every 3 hours won’t be the cause of your CPU usage - even averaged out (assuming 10 requests per collection if there are some stats) that would only be 1 request a minute.

It may be that your players are having trouble storing their content and therefore downloading it over and over - are they all shown as up to date and otherwise working as you expect?

Is this box only for Xibo, or are there other things running?

Thank you!

The server is dedicated to Xibo and other 4-5 Worpress sites…so oversized for now. But I will have to install at least another 100 Xibo client.

The only “strange” thing in some of my layout could be a region with a link to a local IIS page (http: // localhost / …) of the client PC. Does a refresh every second…it’s a local page but could be that it generates too many requests?

If the page is local to the player, then I wouldn’t have thought it was the problem - unless Xibo is doing the refresh and you have stats enabled.

What is the duration of that webpage item in Xibo? 1 second? Or is it something sensible and the page itself refreshes every 1 second?

The distinction is important because a 1 second duration media item, running on 30 players will generate:

Each player 1 statistic record per second, which will be saved in batches of 10 - i.e. 1 file every 10 seconds. In 3 hours you’d have 1080 files to process, which equates to 1080 calls to SubmitStats - 32400 across your 30 players.

That is a lot of requests… so if you do have things configured like that i’d recommend turning off stats reporting in the display profile.

Hi Dan!

The page is located to the player (not to the server) and I’ve disable stats from the display profile.

Where Can I check if there’s something wrong in the layout? From palyer log?

Thanks again!

Something to check then is that you don’t have any left over statXXX.xml files in your local player library - if stats were ever enabled then there might be a backlog that are still being sent.

The player doesn’t keep its logs - it sends them all to the CMS. It should be fine running with the CMS in error logging level and then using the CMS log to see if there is anything wrong

I checked one customer PC and we are still the stats xml file of today and yesterday despite yesterday I’ve disabled stats from monitor profile. How is it possible?

Probably are stats that generate so much traffic…how can I disable it for everyone?

Disabling in the profile should be sufficient to disable it on all players that use that profile - if you have more than one profile you might be experiencing this bug: You can get around that by only having 1 profile or explicitly assigning it to the display.

Also worth mentioning that they will only get the new settings if they collect with the CMS (so if it can’t get to it for some reason - like its too busy - they wouldn’t get the setting)