Problem in upgrading 1.7.9 to 1.8.1

hello ,
i am upgrading 1.7.9 to 1.8.1 ,
In this upgradation layouts taking too much time to upgrade.
I have 91 layouts .

You mean it errors during the upgrade? What is the error please?

there is no error …
it just taking 12 to 13 hrsand still in upgrading layouts…

Unfortunately, I think there is most likely an unexpected error - if you refresh the page, does the upgrade reload showing “upgrade layouts” as the next step?

if so, what happens if you proceed from there?

yes it is showing the same upgrade layout page.

Actually in ''lklayoutmediagroup ’ table there is 72 lacs data .
may be that is why it is taking this much time.

Can you provide a screenshot of the page to make sure we are understanding the same thing?

If you are looking in the database, can you get the last 50 logs and drop them into pastebin or similar?

I am getting this error in console ,
i am doing this upgradation with docker

Hopefully the full error has been recorded in the logs - can you run the following SQL immediately after trying that step


For how to run SQL: How can I run a SQL command when using a Docker Install?