Priority Scheduling

is it possibile that in 1.8.2. after an event with priority 1 the scheduling restart from the FIRST event???

It’s a feature or a bug?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d need to have more details to tell you if what you see is intended or not :slight_smile:

Could you please give me an example of your use case scenario?

It’s simple.
I’ve scheduled some event with timing ALWAYS and this is a normal scheduling. Exactly 20 event that forming the normal scheduling for the day.

After this I’ve a campaign to show every 15 minutes and I’ve scheduled this with priority 1. This mean that this campaign go in the middle of normal day scheduling.

I’ve noticed that after showing the campaign with priority 1 the restart of scheduling is from first event and don’t continue from the last event showed.

The result is that I cannot show the totality of normal day scheduling.

I see, that’s intended then, ie when the priority events ends it will start showing the ‘normal’ scheduled event from the beginning - unfortunately it can’t resume from the place it was interrupted by the priority schedule.

Perhaps you add your ‘priority’ layouts to your normal campaign and adjust the layouts durations accordingly ie so they would come up every 15 min?

nope. … :frowning: I can’t…

So is not possible to restart the normal scheduling from last event??

I mean… All normal events are numbered sequentially… 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 and so on…

You say that if the priority event goes after 4th event is not possible, at the and of priority event, to restart from 5th event? It’s correct?

The only thing I can do is to schedule the priority event after al events in normal scheduling… but is not a great solution in order to sell advertising… :frowning:

No, it will restart the ‘always’ campaign from the beginning after priority event ends.

You could add those layouts to your main campaign in the order so they would be displayed every 15min.
(layouts can be added multiple times to the campaign).

so let’s say layouts 1-2-3-4 (assuming that’s 15min) then ‘priority’ layouts then 4-5-6-7 (again assuming that’s 15min) then ‘priority’ layouts again as so on.

That will work, but if you’d often need to change those ‘priority’ layouts, then it could be troublesome to edit this campaign.

Alternatively perhaps have shorter campaigns with 4-5 layouts not 20 in one, adjust the durations of them, so then it would show ‘campaign1’ with 1-5 layouts, then priority event and then ‘campaign2’ with 5-10 layouts for example and so on.