Preview showing incorrectly for custom layout designs

Hello… I have created a custom layout, which is in landscape mode as shown in image attached below.
When I browse the preview in Xibo, the expected Green coloured part is previewed, but when I send this layout to the actual sign, it shows the Red coloued part on the sign.

Did anyone faced this problem? Can someone please help me?

Which client are you using? Can you send profile settings from client settings. If you also take a screenshot from the client, it can be viewed in more detail. because what you’re saying right now doesn’t make much sense. There is no screen with a screen resolution of 1920x359. this is most likely due to display profile settings.

This has been explained here:

The green part of your image is configured by the screen dimensions you have set 1920x359, the red parts do not exist. As suggested by the above poster you will probably need to select a different resolution so that the canvas of the Layout Designer matches or is very closely matched to your display size.

Many thanks. We identified the issue,
There was a resolution mismatch between hardware and software (not Xibo, but OS).
While the OS screen resolution is 1920X768px, the hardware screen is 1920X359, causing this mismatch.

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