Preview doesn’t work with Version 1.8

I’ve a black screen when I click “layout preview” button. Movie or image isn’t reproduced…anyone can help me?

Thanks in advance

Videos will only play if your browser supports that video format. Most browsers can play H264 video, and Chrome can also play WEBM. To skip through a video that won’t play, click where it should be.

I forgot to write that until the 1.7.9 version I saw the preview correctly with chrome (mp4, flash, images) …

Please can you clear your web browser cache and try again in that case.

Alex I dii it but still doesen’t work…

Can you try with just an image? Does that work?

I’ve checked a 1.8.1 install here with an MP4 video and it’s fine in preview:

I mean layout preview not media preview…

That is a layout preview - of a layout with a single region, containing a video.

In complex layout I can’t see text and video, only black screen…

I think that’s a problem with my 1.8.1 install I suppose…

Can you download a media file from the library via the CMS web interface?

Yes I can

You’re absolutely sure you cleared your web browser cache (if in Chrome, from the beginning of time), and then refreshed the page?

All the symptoms you describe point to browser cache being the issue.

yes sure, after it takes much longer to load the preview but finished loading usual emty black screen.
I had the same problem with version 1.8.0 on my development server

Could open chrome console (crtl+shift+J) or right-click -> inspect

Then check either on network tab or console tab you should see which certain elements aren’t loaded and why.

I trie but it’s not an error or warning…

I found it…it was a problem with many of my layouts. I’ve a black background that was on top of the layout.


With 1.7.9 problem didn’t exist

I’m glad you solved it. Strange that it didn’t work with a new layout with just an image on it as I suggested fairly on in the thread however.

1.8 series enforces the layering of regions more strictly that 1.7.9. If the background zindex is set to put it in front of the content then that’s what the system will do.