Prepare Layout issue

lex please help i am facing
Prepare Layout Failed. Exception raised was: Default layout
when xibo player
i saw your solution

but i am using xibo 1.7.9 version there is no option to verify the layout

alex i have also read one of your solution in which you said that
the xibo player only download file once in a day .what does that mean
i understand that xibo player download files once in a day if i want to download twice then it will give error
am I right?

Verify all is, as Alex said in '15 on Modules page in CMS not layouts page.

That Alex’s post you’ve quoted was about something entirely different ie wrong setting for download window start/end time in display profile.
By default this is set to 00:00 and 00:00 which means it’s always open and player will download any required files when it needs to - after it will check in with CMS, in 1.7 series it will do that each collection interval, which is a setting also in display profile.

You probably should not search for solutions from '15 that are regarding specific issues not directly related to the one you’re having - unless you also modified the download window start/end time in a odd way.

Can I see a screenshot of status window on your device when the issue occurs please?
Is the default layout assigned to your display valid?

If anything the topic that you should look at regarding your problem is this one - Why won't my layout play? / The splash screen plays instead of my layout

Layout id 4 is set as default layout for your display and said layout seems to be invalid according to your player status window.

What to do now then.

You can either change the default layout for your display to a layout that’s valid.
Displays page -> Edit display -> Default Layout

Or you can fix whatever is wrong with layout id 4, since it’s not on the list, it might be retired perhaps - you can check that on Layouts page -> Filter change Retired to Yes

Now am getting this error now it’s showing default layout which i replace by layout 4

You do not get any errors there right now, it’s just the info logs, at a guess you have the display profile assigned to the player with higher than ‘error’ log level - in any case those are not errors, it should display layout id 17 just fine now.