PowerPoint slideshow appears only partially on screen

Since Windows 10 1607 Update we experience problems with PowerPoint slideshows on our Xibo client.
The problem is not consistent. Sometimes the slideshow show correctly and sometimes they run only on part of the screen as shown in the attached image.
I have upgraded to the latest Xibo client (1.7.9) and upgraded to Office 2010.
Nothing seems to help.
I can’t find anything regarding this issue on Google.
Can anyone help me with this issue?

Are there any errors in player’s status window when this happens?

It’s really hard to say what could be wrong, when it does that.
Does it happen with any particular presentation or is it random?

You could perhaps save your PowerPoint presentations as videos and use video module in Xibo to see if that will work better for you.

Thank you Peter.

it happens with diferent presentations/

Converting to Video is extreamly time consuming.

We have daily presentations updated by our secritary.

Don’t think it is practical for her converting to video on daily bases.

It seems really odd, so I assume your slides are 1920x1080 and match your screen resolution?

Could you also have a look in Displays settings (in Windows) and make sure that this:
Change the size of text, apps and other items is set to 100%?

and in advanced display settings that the screen resolution is indeed as you think it is and matching slides resolution?

This is a Windows 10 problem, that was introduced with the 1607 update for Windows 10. I have seen it on many applications, and epecially Office 2010 aaplications on Windows 10.

Explanation of the problem can be found here.

Thanks’ Peter.
At list now I know it is a 1607 issue as I have suspected.