Powerpoint keeps comming with pop up to open or save the .ppt

I have the Xibo player on a Windows client. I followed the instructions from the manual to change the register.
The ppt opens in Microsoft Powerpoint Viewer. But every 5 minutes or so, the pop up shows with the question of i want to open or save the ppt file. When i say open, it opens in the viewer and it plays the dia’s. But after a few minutes, the question pops up again.

These settings i changed in the register:







I see that you already looked at the manual page.

Perhaps the problem is that it’s PowerPoint Viewer and not normal PowerPoint?
Personally I don’t use it, but perhaps there are different registry entries for it?

“If you do not feel comfortable changing the registry it may be possible to achieve the same results by waiting for Xibo to open the first PowerPoint and then when the pop-up notification appears, choose to “Open” the file, and un-check the box so you won’t be prompted again.”

Does it also have a checkbox like this?

I will trie the normal Powerpoint.
No, no checkbox. When i choose for ‘Open’ it will just open the file.

Mhm, well perhaps it works a bit different than normal PowerPoint, if it’s possible try it and it should be fine (with the registry changes that you made)

It works, in the normal Powerpoint.

Fantastic, I am glad it’s ok now :smile:

Thanks for the quick support.