Powerpoint application shows in viewer, not file


I set up a couple of screens for a local school a couple of years back and it’s been flawless up until last week.

What is happening is that when a powerpoint file is scheduled to be displayed on Screens 1 & 2, it autoplays within it’s screen segment on screen 1 but on screen 2 it shows the Powerpoint application (version 2007) itself with the file shown within it as though you are editing it, it doesn’t autoplay.

I reckon it must be a setting on screen 2 (screen 2 is a large lcd screen connected via HDMI to a mini PC hung behind the screen running Windows 7 home premium). I had thought that it was to do with IE versions - screen 2 had updated itself to IE11 but I have since reversed this back to IE9 (the same as Screen 1) and it is still showing the Powerpoint application and not the slide show.

Any ideas ?



Please follow the steps in the FAQ about PowerPoint setup: