PowerBI Dashboard - No token returned

We are getting the message “No token returned” when adding a Dashboard image to a lay-out. We have already upgraded to 4.0.4 to solve the visibility with the widget but now we are running against this problem. We are using this system for the first time. So we don’t have previous experience with the dashboard images. So we cannot confirm if it was working on an older version.

We are using a PowerBI dashboard:

The Xibo Dashboard application is configured and activated. The status is also “Connected”:

The user that is used has the TOPT configured. But we cannot remove the possibility for the password option. We have read somewhere that you have to remove all the other possibilities to logon but we cannot remove the password option.:

So we are looking on what generates the message “No token returned” if adding it to an lay-out. What are we missing. Thanks in advance for the help.

Server specifications:
Xibo CMS: 4.0.4
Linux: CentOS 7
PHP: 8.3
MariaDB: 10.11

Hi, after installation the CMS needs encryption keys as set out here: Xibo on a Web server | Xibo Digital Signage which is the likely cause of your issue. Also PHP 8.3 is not officially supported, we currently support PHP 8.2.

If you do encounter further issues with your Dashboard, then please do open a help desk ticket so that a member of the team can assist you.

Thank you

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Thank you Natasha,

This helped indeed with getting rid of the message No token returned. But now there is only a turning circle in the preview screen and not the actual dashboard. Can we see somewhere what is going wrong with loading the actual dashboard.

It can take 1-5 minutes to load the first image once you have configured your URL in the widget, but please do open a ticket so that support can take a look with you.

It has been a few hours before I wrote my message. But we will create a support ticket for the rest of the issues.

The issue was the XTR service was stopped. That was the reason it was not displaying the dashboard.

So everything is fixed.

Glad to hear that is resolved for you :+1:

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