Position region changes in windows client


We are using Xibo for years now and always with pleasure.
On our windows player (intel TV stick win10 home edition) we are playing a full Xibo layout [background .jpg size 1920x1280 with 4 regions located on it; one big and 4 smaller ones]. However when one of us put new text to excisting regions and save all his work he looks it in the viewer and everything looks oke. But when we go into our waiting room where the player is located on a 48" LG TV screen the complete picture has moved to the left resulting in a black space on the right side of the TV screen. But also all the regions have extra moved to the left resulting in no longer fitting the correct places on the background .jpg image. Restarting the Intel TV stick solves the black space on the right side of the TV screen but all the regions are still out of position.
Only completely rebuilding the layout is solving the problem untill the next time he is changes some tekst or pictures in a region.

Does anyone have any clou what could be happening here?
Xibo CMS and windows player are both the last stable versions)

That would seem rather odd, if it looks fine in the designer then it should look fine on the player as well.

You can double check that the layout resolution and your screen resolution are the same - you can set the player resolution in the display settings -> edit display profile -> location (by default it’s set to 0 - ie it should detect screen resolution).

Since your’re using W10, it could be also good to check, display settings -> ‘Change the size of text, apps and other items’ and make sure it’s set to 100% and not something else.

It could be also good to enable ‘Expire modified layouts’ in display profile -> advanced tab, since you seem to edit layout that is currently being displayed on your screens.


Thank you very much for your help.
All 3 points are set exactly as described and it will not help me. Display size is 1920x1080 and background & layout are the both full HD 1920X1080

Extra odd. I have moved all 4 regions to positions absolute outside the mentioned position. After every move of 1 region SAVED it. After that I moved every region again to it’s mentioned position and SAVED every time.

Restarted XIBO windows player, checken the media inventory and all the media was uploaded again. All positions are fine now. (offcourse I have restanten xibo player several times before this)

What can the user do wrong here when he is adding new media to the timeline??

We’ve rarely seen some similar on-screen problems. When they do occur, to fix them, we halt the client, delete everything in the media box’s local library folder, then re-launch the client.

I’m guessing that under some conditions, changes in the designer are not invalidating the media.