Portrait mode preview ok but display doesn't show content

this is my first post, so I hope to find the right words.

I have a selfhosted server version with latest update, an android client (MINIX X88-i Android 5 Lollipop Industrial / Business Edition) with latest Xibo version.

I’m doing a portrait layout with a few regions. Everything is fine in the preview, but a region with “ticker” doesn’t shows its content on the monitor.
If I set the screen orientation in android setting to landscape, they show up, set to portrait, they are missing.

Any suggestions?
Maybe some CSS things?
I bring in two photos. Oh, only one, ok.


It isn’t obvious to me why would it behave like that yet.

If you open Player status window when it is in the portrait orientation, does it show any errors?

I’m happy to try and run your layout in portrait orientation on my device if you’d like to share the exported layout with me over private message.

Thank you. I have send you the exported layout. There are no error messages on the android client.

Is someone else having problems with layout including CSS in portrait mode on Android?

What android hardware are you using? It looks like the screen rotation hasn’t been done.
If your hardware is compatible with screen rtation, install an app to do so and it will work… i gues :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer. I’m using a MINIX X88-i Android 5 Lollipop Industrial / Business Edition.
In the first picture that I have posted, you see the screen rotation set to portrait in the android os settings of the hardware and also in the player settings of Xibo. The second picture shows that the content works if I set the settings in the android os to landscape.
There are only a few things that aren’t shown. It’s a ticker content with data from a dataSet. If I put a simple picture or video instead of Ticker, it works. That’s why I think that is could be a problem with CSS.

I try to compose a picture that is maybe better for understanding of my problem.

It is rendered just fine on DSCS9 (Android 6) in both landscape and portrait orientations.

I will check on some other devices later today as well.

Edit, it is also fine on Shuttle (Android 5).

Do you see any errors on status window on the player when it is in portrait orientation and isn’t showing the ticker?

It looks like there is a smal margin between the weather area and the end of the screen when the screen is in landscape position, is it correct? And when on portrait, the weather goes all the way to the end of the screen.
This might be caused by:
-HDMI cable problem;
-Not real HDMI digital input on the monitor, so the player won’t “read” all pixels avaiable correctly.
I had a similar issue with a philips monitor.

So, the layout understands that there aren’t enough pixels to show the ticker and doesn’t show it.
Try shrinking the ticker size on the layout- if the ticker can be downsized

ok, thanky you. Good to know that it COULD work if I get the settings right. :grin:

This is the status window.

thank you for the ideas. The ticker size has 25 px ‘room’ around, but I will try some other sizes.

  • I used another cable - no change
  • I used another display - no change, but I will try some newer ones later on
  • I had a closer look at the settings on the android player, but I will ask someone in our company with more android knowledge than me.

Do you think it’s a player problem? I bought this one because of the “Xibo” logo. It wasn’t the cheapest around.

Did you downscale the ticker? Attention because if the ticker has rigid measures, it wont show either way. What are the pixel dimensions of the ticker?
if the hardware does screen rotation, i don’t see why it wouldn’t work when rotated. i use minix u1 and it works fine as well as with beelink

ok, I did a deinstall of the Xibo software from the android player and a new install and now it works. Strange, but true. Will wait now a few days and see if it will stay running.

Thanks to all…

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You are right, there was no logic thing behind my problem.
The dimensions of the ticker was 1056 x 1015 px. I put some 600 x 600 default settings ticker in it and it didn’t work.

sometimes it happens :smile:
they’re just machines after all :wink:

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It’s possible that it was some weird caching issue, although it’s not something that I’d expect to see on Android as it is.

In any case I’m glad that it is working for you now.

@josuebatista thank you for your input in this topic.


yes that’s true!
Machines are only humans.

I was too soon to be happy. Today I restarted the player and got the same problem with the feed not showing.

After the restart, I get a “Unfortunately, Music has stopped”-> “ok” and then “Unfortunately, Xibo has stopped”. When I manually start the app, it takes two starts to get working, but without the one region as before. But no error in the status.
So it seems to be a hardware player problem? Quite frustrating. I’m not the android guy, more an Apple fanboy. So I’m a bit helpless in this word. :laughing:

Think I will order a DSCS9 for testing. But the conditions to EU sale are bad if I only order one player at once. And the “only one video” thing was an argument against it. I tested with 5 videos in one layout with no hussle on the Minix player.

I remembered that I have an qbic android player laying around and did use it for test with still 1.8 v 103 on it. Works perfect. Will do the update and see if still works.

So I think, Xibo is fine.