PoP stats not coming over for Linux player

Our PoP stats are working fine with Windows players but not for Linux using a 1.8.12 CMS.

We do have “Enable stats reporting” on the Display Setting profile.

  1. Where would I expect to find the stats files on the player? There are no XML files in the library directory like there are on Windows players.

  2. What’s the best way to troubleshoot this?

Many thanks!

What version of Linux are you using? Pop stats are supported from 1.8 R4 as documented here under Features Supported: https://xibo.org.uk/xibo-for-linux

Hi Natasha - thanks. Yes, we’re using 1.8 R4.

As suggested here, we would recommend that you upgrade to 1.8.13 as this does include a fix for Proof of Play that may resolve the issue you are experiencing:

Further up this post is a step by step guide on setting up PoP using 1.8 R4 and v2 CMS which you may also find helpful.

Hi Natasha. Thanks. I was aware of a 1.8.13 fix for Linux PoP, but I thought it was to fix a “# of days” display problem, not the collection of data in the stat table. Is there another fix that I missed?

We will try 1.8.13 this weekend… but I’d still like to know where the stats files are stored on the Linux player since I can’t find any.


Hi Natasha,

We moved our CMS to 1.8.13 and are still not receiving PoP stats for our Linux player. We’ve checked the stat table in our database and they are not coming over at all.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Ok thank you for the update, whilst we try and replicate your issue could you provide me with a screenshot of your Display Settings Profile, the Edit form General tab? Please do remove/hide any sensitive information before sharing or send privately.

Thank you

Thanks so much! Here’s the screenshot:

On Windows the stats files are stored as XML files in the Xibo Library directory until they are passed on to the CMS. I can’t find any on the player on Linux. If you tell me where to look, I’ll see if they are even being created. I suspect they are not.

Thank you, we have been able to replicate and have found an issue, as reported here:

PoP stats are working with v2 so you could upgrade to resolve your issue, if that is an option for you?

Thank you for your assistance with this.

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Thanks Natasha. We will investigate v2 soon. As long as the API parts we’re using for our customization haven’t changed materially, we’ll go ahead and move to v2.

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