PNG image with transparewnt background?


I have a layout in which there is a region in which I would like to show an image with transparent background - png image.

When it comes on the screen (version 1.6.4) It has white background. Is there any way to remove this white background and make the region with transparent background?

Thx, Vlad.

If it’s with the Windows Player then it doesn’t support full compositing so it can’t show the transparent bits as you want.

The Android Player however will do as you want.

Ok, thank you.

Honestly speaking, I developed by myself an Android client, but time-to-time I use Windows client for clients and this is the case.

I think, there is another option: I can place inside of the region an HTML code with the transparent background. Can you confirm such an option?

What is about version of IE you use inside of xibo for Windows 10? is there the same option when I have to select IE8, IE9 etc to be used by xibo code? Do you have more details about this?

Thank you in advance, Vlad.

The Player cannot have a transparent background on anything. It’s just not possible.

Where you see a transparent background - eg text, the player “fakes it” by putting the layout background in scaled and offset so that it lines up perfectly.

You could use a text region to get what you want but then you’d have to host the image on a remote server - and then that image won’t load if the Player looses connection to that server.

You can configure the version of Internet Explorer used by following the instructions in the FAQ:

Thank you Alex, it helps. But on Windows 10, I’ve got transparent background for texts as well as for png images… It works for me!

Thank you for your help and links.


You don’t have a transparent background on text. As I explained before, the Player makes it look that way by putting the correct background image behind the text.

You can see this by putting a region with some text in it on top of an image that isn’t the layout background.

i have same trouble. make jpeg file not png