Playlist change doesn't trigger layout update

Hey there, loving the new features of 2.0.

Question - I have a layout dayparted (whole day) to a display. The layout has one sub-playlist scheduled. Whenever I make a change in that playlist, it does not trigger the display to update. It just keeps playing the playlist the way it was whenever the program first starts. Is there a way to make it so the player updates the new playlist whenever the playlist is changed?

Any thoughts on this? Is there anyway I could force an update via API or command?


I had the same problem and fixed it by enabeling to items in the display settings:

Under Displays -> Display settings -> (choose profile and edit) -> Advanced

Enable the following to items:

  1. Keep current layout informed
  2. Have custom layouts expired?

They are the two items under enable shell command’s.

In the 1.8… version the second items was enabled by default, so I did not say it till today.
It works here so I guess it’ll work with you too.