Playing with google traffic widget

trying to add the traffic widget to my screen, but the display is black and there is no “preview” option.

i used the actual widget and the tutorial by Peter, but both display nothing.

api key added.

Added map widget to its own layout, and it appeared, but I need it to appear as an object on an already existing layout…


Which CMS and player version are you using please?

Basically if you’ve added the api key so the module itself is configured, then I’d expect it to show the specified location as per your configuration.

Preview in layout designer should show it as well, I’m not sure what do you mean that there is no preview option.

In the player, if you’re using windows player, please make sure that that browser emulation settings are correctly added.

I’m happy to look at your layout with google traffic widget if you want to send it to me over private message.


Using 1.8.4.

I added it to a layout and created a campaign that bundled all the layouts
together to get through the day… seemed to work. But If it was added as
an item to an existing layout, it would not appear, just the blank screen,

Peter will need an export of your Layout that isn’t working them please, via PM as he suggested.