Playing HLS Feed on latest windows build windows 2 R255.3-255

Hello There

i just installed xibo based on some of my friends recommendation and i am playing with it for couple of days now , currently i have installed latest CMS docker version with the windows build of xibo windows player with details windows 2 R255.3-255

i have tried to add HLS stream feed which is available online which is working as expected in both VLC and CMS during layout design

on the player side i am getting the below error which is listed in player status page in addition to the player log into the CMS

Unhandled Exception: A Task’s exception(s) were not observed either by Waiting on the Task or accessing its Exception property. As a result, the unobserved exception was rethrown by the finalizer thread.

you can check the streaming HLS links from the following URL


Thank you for your post Mohamed_Naguib and welcome to the Xibo community!

I have been testing those HLS streams and unfortunately they are not compatible with the HLS stream functionality within the Xibo player. Below is a link to a HLS stream, could you try this in your Xibo layout and confirm if the issue persists?

Many Thanks.

Still give the same error with your suggested link , even i update the player with the version which just released

may be its something related to OS i use LTSC 2019 IOT is it fully supported ?

Please try to find out in which codec the streaming is. You could solve this to install third party codec (packs) in order to resolve this. If the stream works in windows media player. Than you are good to go!

Yes, in VLC everything is working, but VLC is not being used as a default player.

seems windows 10 with built 19042 solve all issue and even the links you said its not supported work ok

thanks for help

Thank you for confirming that updating your Windows 10 machine to build 19042 has resolved your issue. This is great news and very helpful for other members of the community.

Many Thanks.

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