Players do not refresh playlist

CMS Version


Installation Method


Operating System

The operating system the CMS is installed on Windows Server 2019


Windows v3-R302.4


I have the following scenario: one layout called Mantenimiento whit the following configuration

I use a Sub-Playlist widget to show a list of images that users upload to playlist, in this case the playlist is called PL Mantenimiento.
Once the user ulpload the initial images to playlist,

I execute the Xibo Client in the player and load all ok but if the user change a image of the playlist this image not upload in the player unless I close the player and run it again.
I understand from here I can change the time that the player is updated, in this moment is configured at 1 one minute

but the players dont update in this time.

At time 12:23, the user updated a playlist image file. Right now it’s 14:40 and the file hasn’t been updated in the player yet.
Next I send a screenshot of the files in the player where you can see that there are no new files uploaded after 12:23 (time when the user updated a playlist image)

Is there a configuration that I am not doing?

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