"Player Transfer to another CMS"

We have several instances and we want to move several players from instance A to instance B.
Our instances are deployed in V2.3.8 and we have enabled two-factor authentication, which is necessary to access the “Player Transfer to another CMS” feature.
We launch a transfer of 1 player from instance A to instance B, by filling in the requested information:
New CMS address: https of Instance B
New CMS Key: Key Instance B
Two Factor Code: Factor Code Instance A.

The transfer is saved and a new menu appears on player A: Cancel CMS Transfer
But the transfer never ends. No log shows any activity.
There is a player with 1 layout and it has been 2 hours since the transfer was initiated.
Have you ever been able to use this function?
What didn’t I understand in this process?
Thank you for your help.

I believe you also opened a helpdesk ticket for this.

The issue was that your Players were too old to support this function. You need to be using a Player version that supports this function for it to work.

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