Player Stats in offline mode

Does xibo spring signage android app stores content played logs on the android device. What I am looking for is if my android device played content for a week while it was not connected to internet, it should send the logs for this week to CMS server database (Stats table) once its connected to internet.

Does latest XIBO version ( and spring signage android app) provide this functionality ?

Yes it does exactly that, it will store the stats locally (assuming they are enabled in the display profile) and send them to the CMS once it’s connected to it in batches of 100 complete records - Statistics reporting

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply. Is this feature available in 1.7.9 ?

Yes, since 1.7.7 / 1.7R60 you have an option to disable/enable stats reporting in CMS display profile, but if enabled it should work just as described.