Player returns to default layout over night


I’m new to Xibo, trying to run first installation on Windows 10. Noticed that no matter what layout I create and schedule to run, in the morning Xibo player is back to its default layout.
What settings I should check? I saw someone wrote about the same issue and was adviced to set Expire Modified Layouts to enabled. I did that, but it didn’t help.

Here is an example of one of the layouts.

Thank you.

Could you please confirm CMS and player versions that you’re using?

What is displayed on the player depends on the schedule you set for it.

If you could show us an example of the scheduled event you create for your player that would be helpful.
Screenshot of status window on the player and/or contents of schedule.xml (a file in player local library) would help as well.

Setting the Daypart to always solved the issue.

Thank you.