Player not showing ADD Schedule using API


I would like to make some schedule using API,
but somehow i unable to showing into my XIbo Windows Player

here i try to get display

And the display has been set default layout to “02 TPDemoHotel 01”,

I’m trying to schedule this layout = “ce-template”

For those purpose i put paramter as below

and here the postman result
“eventId”: 25,
“eventTypeId”: 1,
“campaignId”: 44,
“commandId”: null,
“displayGroups”: [
“displayGroupId”: 10,
“displayGroup”: “Nuc Windows Player”,
“description”: null,
“isDisplaySpecific”: 1,
“isDynamic”: 0,
“dynamicCriteria”: null,
“userId”: 0,
“tags”: null
“userId”: 1,
“fromDt”: “1565169660”,
“toDt”: “1565345280”,
“isPriority”: 0,
“displayOrder”: 2,
“recurrenceType”: null,
“recurrenceDetail”: null,
“recurrenceRange”: null,
“recurrenceRepeatsOn”: null,
“campaign”: null,
“command”: null,
“dayPartId”: 1,
“isAlways”: null,
“isCustom”: null,
“syncTimezone”: 1

The Layout has been added into schedule like below

But some how the Player NEVER showup the LAYOUT with campaignId 44 = “ce-template”

Is there any solution to make the Player able to show the Scheduled Layout ?

Thank You

anyone can help to get solution ??