Player not refreshing content

Server: Xibo 1.8.3 via Docker with apache proxy
Client: Xibo 1.8.3

I have a generic layout that works a mix of clock,weather, traffic and a image slideshow. I’m using the API to automatically add and remove images from the image slideshow, however frequently the client doesn’t refresh.

Around 11:00 II added several images to the playlist and the client shows as logged in, has XMR, but X status. “Collect Now” doesn’t change anything. And the client shows that is “Outside Download Window 00:00- 00:00”. Changing the download to end at 23:45 seems to have fixed the issue.

The other problem is that when images are deleted using DELETE(/playlist/widget/ID) the clients don’t refresh even with Collect Now. In fact the server always shows a check for the Display Status. Is there something else I need to do to force the server to know the layout has changed when the widgets are deleted?

My workaround for nothing refreshing when images were removed from the playlist in a layout was to force a refresh of the layout by changing the description using the API.

The screenshot of status window that you’ve added is slightly odd, especially the download window, 00:00-00:00 is the default download window which should mean that it is always open.

Perhaps just Edit&Save the display profile assigned to the device would suffice, but what you did also should work.

Is that fresh 1.8.3 or was updated from earlier version?

What Windows version do you have on that PC?
is it up to date with all Windows updates, drivers etc?

Perhaps also double check browser emulation in registry, although that should be correct now - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

It’s the fresh 1.8.3 running Windows 10 LTSB with all the updates.