Player goes to black and will not react to I

Before completing please check that the time, date and timezone have been correctly set on the device running the Player.

Correct, set for CDT on both players and server.

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Player Version

Windows v2 R258.1


Some players (not all) will play the lone layout just fine for several iterations before going to a black screen (very similar to Xibo Player stops working and show black screen). Layout has one region only, playing a mix of photos and short videos in 4K resolution, total layout duration is 1 minute 51 seconds. This appears to have started when we added the videos but can’t say for sure. When I remote desktop to the affected players, pressing the I key will either not do anything at all (not bring up the player status window) or crash the player, at which point the watchdog will finally do its job and restart the player, at which point we’re good to go for a couple iteration again.

Status.json will go from either “Running” or “Visible” to “WaitSleepJoin” status when the player goes dark (why, if they’re already joined to the CMS and approved?). I can’t make sense of any of this and thus don’t know what to fix to get this working again, so could one of the devs enlighten me, please?

I wanted to attach the log generated by the player but .TXT files are not an option so the PNG screenshot will have to do for now. It shows the point where the player abruptly switches to “WaitSleepJoin” status but doesn’t explain why:


No takers? Could someone at least explain the “WaitSleepJoin” status to me? Why would a player that has been connected to and authorized in the CMS go from “Running” to “WaitSleepJoin”?

Also, ever since adding our Xibo players to our PRTG monitoring system, I can tell that they go to that status at fairly regular intervals, whether someone has made changes to the layout or not. Also, it does NOT appear to affect the player left on the v2.203 player, only the newer ones seem to “choke”. For now, I have PRTG set to kill the XiboPlayer.exe process remotely when it detects “WaitSleepJoin” status, so that the watchdog eventually restarts it, but that’s a pitiful workaround to a problem that shouldn’t be happening.

Any assistance, dear developers?

Downgrading all my players to V2.203 appears to have fixed the issue. I’ve had issues before with the newer players not going fullscreen, now the hang… Kinda scared to go to v3 CMS release now.


I think i have the exact same problem running v3 CMS and the latest v3 Windows client versions on 5 Screens.

Staff is only displaying .pptx files for now. Players randomly stop at random slides and get stuck when bringing up the status window no errors can be found.
Sometimes the screen is also going black. When the screen blacks out it is not resolved by just restarting the player but the whole machine has to be rebooted! Bringing up the status window is not working when in black screen.
I am going to collect more info and data next week.

Yesterday i was trying to troubleshoot the problem and i defenitly remember reading „WaitSleepJoin“ somewhere in a log file.

Best regards

@manjman I never had any luck with PowerPoints, until we started exporting them to MP4 and importing the videos to Xibo instead. No issues since.

For me, the downgrade to v2.203 players has definitely resolved the issue. So I’m shelving any plans to go to v3 CMS for the time being as I won’t get any assistance if I run into trouble, and my school can’t afford to pay for support.

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