Player does not display weather forecast, internet is ok


The player does not display web content.

But the internet is OK, I reinstalled the player, it has downloaded all media normally.

But it does not display the weather forecast.

  • This only occurs in an establishment.

When I got home, I switched on the appliance and returned to normal operation.
Apparently, something in that establishment is blocking the internet connection in the weather forecast.

I tried clearing the cache of the webpage, the weather forecast and the player, but it did not work.

My Cms: 1.8.7
Player android: 1.8 r104 - free trial

Only works if i format the player again.

The problem is not related to the Hardware key.
Apparently it’s some blockage that only affects the weather forecast.

I’m also testing an admooh app that creates a local server to display videos via webpage.
This app downloads media and displays them on an address webpage:
“http: // localhost: 9090 / html / 15”

This webpage also does not work at this establishment, even being on a local host.

A doubt?

  • I realized when disconnecting the internet. the weather forecast to display the content, should it not cache the latest collected information and display even without a connection?

Does the player show any errors on the status window / CMS log page?
Something about connection problem, downloading resources issues etc
How does the manage page looks like for that display?

^ you may need to enable auditing on the display to get more detailed log messages.

First of all, sorry for the delay.

He was preparing a smartphone to have mobility and to go to places where the error occurs more quickly.

After configuring XIBO on the device, it also showed the error.

See below:

Error: Weather forecast, and RSS Do not work and a specific device.

Note, the two devices are running the same campaign.

Device 1: MK808 - Android 4.2.2:

  • Videos, Weather Forecast and RSS function normally.

Device 2: Samgung Galaxy S4 - Android 7.1.2 - Ressurection Remix RR-N-v5.8.5-20171219-jfltexx-Final

  • Videos work normally.
  • Weather forecast and RSS remain black screen, nothing is displayed.
  • No error message is displayed on this device, nor in cms.
  • No files are missing, the device downloads normal content.
  • I tried to connect on the internet 4g but the error persists.
  • I tried to go to EDIT> SAVE the player and restart. the error persists.

CMS: 1.8.9
Player: 1.8 r106

I created a log to analyze.
This is in the pfd format, but to view it, it should be renamed to CSV, since this format was not allowed to be sent here.

Xibo Digital Signage.pdf (100.1 KB)

I don’t see anything interesting the logs I’m afraid.

If it can’t download resources I’d expect to see logs about it, similarly if there is curl issue I’d also expect to see info about it in logs.

Are both devices in the same network or are they in different sites just use the same CMS?

If you look at the Manage page of that player, does it show it as up to date and does it has the weather and ticker resources in the required files there?

  • Both devices are on the same network, in the same location.
  • They are connected in the same CMS, and reproducing the same layouts.
  • On the management page it is 100% up-to-date.
  • The layout files have been downloaded.

I did a test on another smartphone, a Samsung “J5 Prime” with the original rom 6.0.1 and in it, the weather forecast, and the Ticker were displayed normally.

Which leads me to believe that it is something related to the Galaxy S4 or the ROM Ressurection remix.

Anyway, the reason for me to be testing on my smartphone, was just to be able to take it to the site and make tests with more mobility, as they are not working properly, I will use the equipment in the tests.

As soon as I do the tests, I will return the results and settings of each site here.

In advance, could you suggest some tests to do related to the connection, to be able to find the possible source of the problem?
I refer to the fact that in certain connections the web contents are not displayed

A year later and the error still persists. Ticker, webpage and Weather are not displayed. only a black screen is displayed

Player 1.8 r108

I’m afraid you’d need to remind me / tell me what the situation is at the moment please.
ie what CMS version you’re using, if it all looks correctly in the CMS,
have your tried enabling auditing on the troublesome player and do you have any error logs from it?

Does the player has consistent internet access - especially for webpage widgets, ticker and weather are sent from the CMS.

Could you confirm that you’re not hitting this issue? Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections

Thanks for reply,
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