Play video on Preview


I have a problem to view the video in a layout , I have a black screen.

Thanks for your helps

Hello, I’m not the community administrator, user’m like you.

To my knowledge the preview only works for the type mp4 files to other formats the preview does not display and get the black screen for the duration of content.

I think there should be interest from developers to evolve it in the future, but to my knowledge only works for mp4.

Any video your browser can play will work - so for most that’ll be H264 encoded MP4 or WebM. ie I think may be able to show a WMV too.

If it’s another video type, you can click the region to skip it.

Hello I also have a similar problem but my browser is Chrome and it is not working, can u help with any browser that works.
I tried power point, same problem. thanks

Chrome is a good choice. If your videos aren’t playing, then they aren’t in a suitable format. Please see my previous response.

i have the same issue all my videos are in MP4 but are not working, i have cleared the cache and verified all the modules but they are still not playing.
any ideas

just tried to verify the modules again and got this

Indicates a permissions issue on the CMS library folder. The user your webserver runs as needs full control of the library and any sub folders.

the library is the users documents on a local account so the account has full permissions to read and write to the folder

The error says the CMS can’t write a file there, so there has to be a filesystem permissions issue I’m afraid.