Planified WoL to not turn on players during weekends

Hi there,

I’m currently doing my graduation project and I’ve got to use Xibo. I decided to go with the version 1.7 and I must say that despite lacking some little features, it’s working super great. Now, my project includes the “WakeOnLan” feature and since I’m working in a school environment I need to use the WoL Monday to Friday without turning the players on on weekends. Is there any way to do that? I’ve already figured out that to turn them off I’ve got to plan a layout with a shell command inside it, but it looks like I can’t realy plan the WoL. If I’m missing anything or if you have any idea on how to do that, your solution would be super great! Thanks a lot and have a nice day.

You can not run the maintenance script on the weekends.

It’s that that triggers the WoL function, so if that isn’t been run on Saturday/Sunday then you won’t get down notifications for the displays, and they won’t be woken.

Okay, but then, how do I tell the script not to run (server Ubuntu 16.04.2)? The documentation says : “The maintenance script can be scheduled to run periodically” but I did not find any option letting me schedule that, again, I may be missunderstanding or missing something.
Thanks for your answer already and have a nice day.

Whatever system you’ve got setup to run maintenance, tell that not to run it at those times.

With Xibo 1.7, it’s up to you to run that script periodically, normally from cron, so you will have setup whatever is calling it. It’s that that you need to change.