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I have a page template that I want to show at most 10 times/hour. I may have programmed it but it appears all the time after my campaign and it does not respect the condition I set for it.

Waiting for an idea?

Hi Gabinou,
Can ou show me what things are une the reccurence tab please ? And our Xibo Version.

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Hi Frederic,
My XIBO version is 3.3.7
You meen “planification”?
This page “meteo” is display after the campagn LFD
This works and displays but does not respect the display number of 10 as programmed so I crash into the api call

Thanks in advance

I just got it.
I found the recurrence tab but I got an error message

OK sorry for the delai,
First you, you have to check how long is your campaign or your layout you want to plan, it’s important for the reste, you can’t tell the system to schedule 10 times per hour il the campaign or layout is 10 minutes long, XIBO just can’t do that because no one can.
Here is my advice.
Check the during of what you have to schedule, for example 2 minutes
Il you want to repeat 10 times then schedule first for one hour

GO to the Recurrence tab
En minutes chaque 5 minutes puis date de fin

As it, this event of 2 minutes will play every 5 minutes, you can use this tip for hours, days, weeks months

I hope this will help you.
See you

PS : on peut se faire un MP en français si tu veux.

Hello fred,
with plaisurre for mp in the french.

Sorry if my english isnt very good.

i dont understand why the end date of recurrence is egal in the start date general.

my meteo template lasts one minute

I would like for meteo api 1 time every eight minutes 24/24. ( I not would exceed 250 call per day like that)

HI Gabinou
You can use recurring mode if you want to repeat your layout by the minute, hour or day. It’s important to know the duration of your layout to avoid creating anything bizarre. Repeating a layout or campaign that lasts 5 minutes 20 times an hour won’t work. That’s why you set the first time schedule of your layout/campaign to schedule it over time, so for example from 22/01/2024 at 1:00pm to 22/01/2024 at 1:03pm and you repeat 10 times an hour or 10 times a day etc… Your schedule will show your occurrences.
Xibo is a content scheduler, so if you have a lot of things scheduled on your screen in ALWAYS mode, for example, then your content will be played as and when it is scheduled. There’s no need to impose a recurrence, except for example if you want to send information with a priority, which might make sense. For the weather, you can increase the cache time to 120 minutes to have a hit every 2 hours, directly in the WIDGET WAETHER of the layout or change in the Cache Time module.
Send me on MP if you want a contact in french.
See you

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