PHP7 on alpine containers - request for advance testing

The forthcoming 1.8.5 release has been built against PHP7 Docker containers and therefore has PHP7 support! We’re very excited to be delivering this to close out some very old outstanding requests.

We’d be very keen to have some early testers, who are using Docker already, try out these new containers to ensure they are working as expected.

To test, modify your docker-compose.yml file to include xibo-cms:latest instead of the named version already present. Then docker-compose up -d your container.

You should find an upgraded 1.8.5 CMS running on PHP 7.1.9 (you can check that in report fault).

In no particular order - topics requesting PHP7:

We’ve also switched the latest containers to Alpine:


That’s cool!

I have been waiting for a long time for a xibo version that runs on PHP7.

However, I need to install on an existing web server and cannot use Docker.

Is there already a or a xibo-cms-1.8.5.tar.gz file available that I can use to manually install on a webserver?

I would be very happy to give that a try.

Kind regards,


Installed this version using docker and docker-compose. Confirm that Report Fault shows:
PHP version 5.5 or later required. Detected 7.1.9
Continue testing now.

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