Per media asset scheduling

It’s been a couple of years since I demoed Xibo but the deal breaker for it being a suitable replacement for our existing signage system was the lack of ability to assign start/end dates/times to individual media assets. For our application we receive announcement slides randomly throughout the week, typically to announce events on campus. These then individual media assets should fall out of rotation after the event has occurred to avoid announcing events from the past.

Is this functionality offered or does anyone know of any way to handle multiple, overlapping schedules that isn’t tedious?

In case it’s not clear what I’m referring to, consider this example scenario:
-A standard set of slides are running on a perpetual rotation with no end date
-Monday 8/6- We receive an image announcing an event that will occur on Thursday 8/9. On the current system we add this to the rotation with an end date on Thursday 8/9.
-Wednesday 8/8- We receive an image announcing an event that will occur 8/24. We then add this one to the rotation with an end date of 8/24
-Repeat for other random announcements as needed

With our current signage system, handling the above scenario is fairly trivial. When I demoed Xibo a couple of years ago I would have had to create 4 different slideshows. 1 for the standard set, 1 with the addition of the first announcement, 1 that included both the first and the second announcement, and finally 1 that was the standard set plus the second announcement… then manage the scheduling of all 4.



I believe that exactly what you want will be available in 2.0 release with fully implemented playlists.

In current release (1.8.10), you’d need to either manage the “standard” layout ie add / remove the announcement images on the required dates manually (or via API), or have the announcement images in a separate layout scheduled to display with a specific to date with the same priority as the standard layout, so the player cycle through all of them.

In 1.8 series, there were additions to the Schedule which could help you -
However as I mentioned, exactly what you want will come in 2.0 series with playlists.