PDF files not filling region?

Hi everyone,

We have been using Xibo around the building now smoothly and everything is working fantastically!

However, recently a lot of workers moved from one floor to another and decided to make use of Xibo in their new workspace to share live (maybe once a week) updated statistical content. This is done using an automated software that can generate PDF files. The problem I am having with Xibo is that the PDF files are very small and are not filling the entire region. The software outputs PDF of the correct aspect ratio for the region, so I have no idea what the problem could be.

At the moment, the head of unit is having to take the PDF files and manually convert them to an image, then upload them. He wants to be able to use the replace button so he can easily update the information. I have recommended he uses images, but the software he uses can only export to PDF.

Thanks for your help!

Can you share a sample PDF that shows the behaviour? Which Player are you using? I presume you’re embedding them as PDF widgets in the layout designer?

Sadly, I can’t share the PDFs as they are showing possibly confidential information. However, I have checked the PDF and can give you this information. The edges of the charts in the PDF are 50 pixels away from the edge of the PDF document and the size of the document relatively matches the size of the region (e.g. if the PDF is 500 x 1000, the region is 250 x 500, but I don’t have to exact PDF dimensions with me right now).

I found a way round it, which is to make the region the PDF goes in absolutely huge. This then shows the PDF at the correct size, but it makes it quite difficult for the end user to replace the PDF, as there are regions on top of regions and sometimes the region menu gets hidden behind another region.

Can you not produce a PDF that doesn’t contain confidential information? I’m afraid there’s not much we’ll be able to do without an example file that shows the issue.

Sadly I am unable to, my apologies! However, I managed to fix it by changing the preset output the user was using in his software. I wish I could provide more detail about what was different between the PDF files, but the file is output by software designed specifically for us, and it doesn’t show any custom settings… It only allows you to select PDF preset generation.