PDF Dynamic Display

Hi, I’m a French user.
We generate PDF reports every 15 minutes.
I wanted to know if it’s possible to have a dynamic display with Xibo without changing the PDF in the CMS.
I tried with the Webpage and the Embedded Module but it gives me : navigation to the webpage cancelled.
I tried with a script that changes the pdf file. The PDF can be read by the Player but when the Player communicate with the CMS, the PDF change and become illegible. And the display doesn’t follow the planning.
We have Xibo CMS 1.8.5 with Xibo Client 1.8.3.

Perhaps you could have a script using API that would upload new pdf to the CMS library and replace it in all layouts - https://xibo.org.uk/manual/api/#/library/libraryAdd

That’s assuming you’d use PDF module to show your pdf files.

Saving it on a server that player can access as a html perhaps and in Xibo have a embedded html widget with fully qualified path to the file then when new file gets created ensure that it has the same name in the same path should work as well I believe.

I use PDF module to show the pdf files.
I tried to understand how to use swagger but I didn’t understand.
I created an application on xibo to have a public key and a secret key but when I use these key on swagger.
He tells me, error 404, unknown route.

Perhaps this would help? 1.8 API Introduction

If you will still have issues, then we would need to see the code you’re trying to execute to tell what could be wrong.

Okay, I have progressed thank you. But now, I have a new error.
I have the error 401 and the client authentification failed.
But I gave all access to the application in the CMS and I have the right keys.

On which call did you get that? Are you using postman or scripts to call the API?
Perhaps you could show us what you have please.

At first, I use postman. I will try with a script later when postman will work.

It seems like you don’t have valid access_token, as per my guide you need to call the authorise first and save the access_token.

Then you can make other calls

Ok now postman works thank you.
It’s possible to change the expiration of the access_token?
And I don’t know how I must use the script.

So my script is functional, I only have 1 question to ask you.
For the media Id, it’s possible to add a variable to recover the media id with a name of a file?
Because when I use the script, the media Id change and I can’t use the script automatically.